“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Traveling is way of life. A journey dotted with rich experiences. To travel is to seek, to know more. It’s about, “I’ve lived there” rather than just, ‘I was there’. It’s about the transition from being in an unknown place to being in a familiar place. It’s about knowing the people there, their cultures, just as much as they know you. It’s about feeling the pulse of the place where you go.

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We are here to take you through the “off-beat” path that highlights the Indian Country side and its different cultures. Explore with us the unknown and hidden corners of this land while, on a trek through the various hues of the Himalayan Wilderness, on a Jeep Safari through the surreal moonscape – Ladakh, on a Wildlife Safari through the forests of India or on Tribal Safari through the lesser known North East India.

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Summiting peaks or running the toughest grades on white water is not a matter of ‘humans over nature’. Expeditions are but a few questions in moments that define individuals. Questions of how far can one push themselves? Of how much grit and determination can one come up with to carry on and not give up? Of how much can one stretch their limits? For after all, the only limits are your own…

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With the rapidly changing landscape of the corporate industry learning has become inevitable and our belief in experiential learning and an idea of blending human intelligence with analytics, drives us to deliver modules imperative for the industry today.

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